Amazon updates work policy, staff may work from home twice a week

The retail giant is working to strike a balance between employee happiness and customer satisfaction


Amazon’s tech staff and those from the corporate offices will not be required to work from offices all the time, post lifting of pandemic-related restrictions. According to an official blog post, employees of the online retail company will be allowed to work remotely for four complete weeks in a year, and from home twice a week.

Employees have been informed that they are expected to work from the office thrice a week, and remotely up to two days in a week. The leaders will decide which of the employees will work from home and which ones will work from office. If employees from the corporate office do not wish to work from office thrice a week, they will be required to submit a special application to be excused. Some of the staff will be allowed to adhere to 100 per cent remote work for up to four weeks annually.

Earlier, Amazon had been keenly advocating return to office and had expected part of its workforce to return to office in the summer, and the remaining a couple of months later. However, the move had been criticised with most workers assuming that Amazon will, in all likelihood, do away with remote working altogether once restrictions are lifted, prompting the Company to alter its work policy.

Amazon has rolled out this new work policy maintaining that it is evolving with the times and learning to adapt with the changes that are occurring regularly owing to the pandemic. The Company maintains that it is trying to strike a balance between flexibility for its workforce and satisfaction for its customers.

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