TAC Security shifts to 4-day work week

The cybersecurity company will work from Monday to Thursday for the upcoming 7 months


TAC Security India has announced a four-day work week giving the employees time to rejuvenate and ensure better productivity under their “future of work” initiative. The decision to move to a four-day work week was taken by the company after an internal survey showed 80 per cent of the total company strength supporting the decision. With this move, the Company aims to promote a healthy work-life balance for its employees. With the new schedule change, TAC employees will work for 12 hours a day, four days a week, which means a considerable increase in the working hours per day. The Company claims that many employees have signed up for various courses and activities after the announcement.

“It’s all about keeping standards of execution high, while still putting the team’s health and well-being first. Being a young company with young people, we can experiment with anything possible to ensure the team members’ work-life balance. We recognise that it’s important for our leaders to set an example for the rest of their team by walking the talk,” says Trishneet Arora, chief executive officer & founder, TAC Security.

The Company will work on having a completely automated process to ensure maximum productivity in the stipulated time. This will also ensure that the employees do not reach out to colleagues outside of work hours, letting everyone have time to detox completely.

To fit the ‘future of work’, TAC will also be reimagining its global work days’ policy. Various added benefits extending beyond the office will be introduced. These include offering global relocation benefit, offsites and experts in every field to help employees ease their load to name a few.

Confident that this system will work, the HR manager, TAC Security, says, “We’re all creatures of habit and have got accustomed to the five-day work week pattern of working. Therefore, I recognise that the challenge is that it’ll take some time for us to get this new and innovative way of working just right.”


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