Workers’ strike avoided by Byju’s

Byju's COO, Mrinal Mohit, averts a workers' strike by ensuring no more layoffs at tuition centres. In a first-of-its-kind virtual chat on July 22, he addressed employee concerns following the recent layoff of 300 marketing department employees


Byju’s successfully avoids a workers’ strike by assuring employees that there will be no further layoffs at their tuition centres. The edtech major’s COO, Mrinal Mohit, held an impromptu virtual chat to directly address workers’ concerns on July 22. The chat, which was the first of its kind, aimed to allay fears among the employees, especially after around 300 employees from the marketing department were laid off recently.

Workers had been facing issues such as delayed incentives and no appraisals since March, which led them to consider a strike starting from July 25. However, during the virtual town hall, Mrinal Mohit provided reassurances that no more layoffs would occur in any department. Additionally, he promised that salary appraisals would be conducted within the next two months, and incentives would be  given in the current quarter.

The decisive actions taken during the town hall resulted in the strike being called off for the time being. Mrinal Mohit also shared his vision for Byju’s Tuition Centres 2.0, outlining plans to ensure profitability and expansion into more geographical areas.

Byju’s stated that the town hall had been planned well in advance to celebrate the completion of one year of their tuition centre operations and to openlyshare the roadmap for the next six months. The event was not a reactionary measure to any rumours but rather an opportunity for management to address employee concerns, including those related to restructuring and incentives.

Furthermore, Byju’s spokesperson denied any knowledge of employee protests and dismissed any rumours regarding the same. 

Over the past turbulent year, characterised by valuation cuts, regulatory scrutiny, layoffs, delayed financial results, and funding challenges, the senior leadership has taken steps to directly communicate with the employees, fostering better engagement and understanding during these difficult times.

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