SHe-Box registers 391 sexual harassment complaints from employees of central ministries

Of the 391 complaints received, 150 have come in over the last year, revealed the Ministry of Women and Child Development


According to the data revealed by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), a total of 391 workplace sexual harassment complaints have been received from various central ministries, via the online portal, She-Box. Of these, 150 have been lodged in the last one year.

The She-Box — short for sexual harassment electronic box — was launched by the Government of India, to provide a single platform to all women — irrespective of their work status, or whether they belong to the organised or unorganised, private or public sector — to facilitate the registration of complaints related to sexual harassment at the workplace. Once a complaint is submitted to the ‘SHe-Box’, it goes directly to the concerned authority having jurisdiction to take action in the matter.

An analysis of 36 cases received via SHe-Box at MWCD has revealed that only four were actually cases of sexual harassment of women at the workplace. The remaining were public grievances pertaining to violence against women, harassment for dowry, misbehaviour and such. Of the four sexual harassment cases, three were lodged by the same woman against the same accused. None were related to the MWCD or related offices.

Since every registered complaint on the portal is directly sent to the concerned authority with the jurisdiction to take action in the matter, it is the responsibility of the concerned ministries / departments to take necessary action and then also update the status of the complaint on the portal.

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