Woman staffer of Domino’s beaten up by gang of women

The local gang from Indore accused the employee of staring at them, for which they punished her by thrashing her on the street and assaulting her with a bamboo stick


A women employee of Domino’s, the pizza delivery chain, was brutally thrashed by four women, who alleged that she stared at them. That is not all, this local gang from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, even recorded the act on camera and posted it on social media without any fear of the law or repercussions.

In the video, the employee, Nandini Yadav, is seen pleading with the women to stop, while one of them decides to hit her with a bamboo stick. The women appear to be least affected by the victim’s threats to call the police. In fact, they are seen daring her to file a complaint against them even while continuing to assault her.

What is even more shocking is that nobody passing by tries to save her or stand up for her, and she finally manages to escape by entering a nearby house.

The less than half-a minute long video has gone viral on social media.

The victim has registered a case and police are trying to identify and nab the women in the video.

Earlier this month, a delivery boy for Swiggy was slapped by a constable at a busy traffic junction, in broad daylight, when the former tried to stop and question the driver of a school bus that had hit a woman pedestrian and continued to drive on without bothering to stop or check on the woman. However, following the delivery boy’s complaint to the deputy commissioner of police (traffic) and the video of the incident going viral, the constable has been transferred and an investigation has been ordered into the incident.

We can only hope that Domino’s Pizza employee also receives justice.

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