Six HR myths that may continue in 2016


Certain things are better conveyed via healthy sarcasm. Use it at your own discretion!

1) HR = hiring, of course!

– “You are HR? Does your company have any job openings??”
– “We have a hiring freeze —you probably don’t have as much work these days, right?”

It’s time the employees know the value added by the leadership development programmes, career path planning as well as learning & development activities conducted by the HR!

2) Breaking bad when nothing else works!
Attrition on the rise? Run an engagement survey! Some business heads advocate merely running employee engagement surveys as a remedy for attrition—an altogether reactive strategy. Doing it after people leave, makes no sense. And to top it, just running a survey and not acting upon it, doesn’t help either.

3) HR — friends for benefits!
When the talent market is hot, and business is not able to hire or retain, then the HR practices are seen as value additions. When the market is slow and business has enough choices to hire and promote, HR activities are seen as overheads!

4) Rome has to be built in a day!
It is wrong to assume that HR possesses a magical wand; that leadership development, culture building and employee engagement activities should show desired results overnight. Some business leaders fail to realise that these are long-term strategies and Rome cannot be built in a day.

5) Breaking the ice with Glassdoor
Only when the CEO rating drops on the Glassdoor, will all business managers start taking 360 degree feedback surveys seriously. ‘Lack of transparency’ and ‘lack of communication with managers’ will still be the primary complaints on (the employer review site).

6) The heart knows no reason!
Unstructured interviews and interviews based on pure gut feel and degrees will continue to be advocated! When nothing seems right, one should follow one’s gut feeling, irrespective of the HR tools and technology at one’s disposal!

(The author is an HR consultant.)


  1. Sheer competition in the business in many times forces HR to do a bit of RH. And then it takes a toss to the good path. Every business the final one is the bottom line.

  2. Well articulated!! One more to add to ; Hiring Managers and interviewers would still think they are doing a favor by taking out time from their day-at-work to interview candidates; not understanding it to be shared responsibility.

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