One solution to all challenges in employee benefits

Sodexo, in partnership with NPCI, has launched the Multi-Benefit Pass which can be used to avail meal benefits from Sodexo’s proprietary meal network and plethora of other non meal benefits.


The distribution and management of employee benefits is not as easy as it seems. Those directly involved in ensuring a seamless employee experience know how tedious and transactional it can get. On one hand, while it is very commonplace of employees having to spend hours collating and submitting bills to finance teams, it is equally time-consuming for employers to verify all the bills received or spends done, before reimbursing the employees for their entitled allowance.

What if this wasn’t the case? What if, there was a way to avoid all the paperwork and employees could not only enjoy receiving the various benefits but also the ease of utilising them?

Sodexo, in partnership with NPCI, has just launched the Multi-Benefit Pass to solve these issues. This 2-in-1 card can be swiped on any of Sodexo’s 100,000-strong proprietary meal network to avail meal benefits and the chip on the card can also be inserted to avail a plethora of non – meal benefits like fuel, telecom, books and many more on RuPay’s 3.6-million strong network in India. All these benefits can also be accessed through a state of-the-art mobile app.

Talking of how the Multi-Benefit Pass will ease out the process for both employees and employers, Anish Sarkar, CEO, Sodexo BRS India says, “It is a unique solution that enables organisations, go fully digital for employees claims and expenses. With such automation of employee benefits, the employers don’t have to worry about any duplication or human errors anymore. They can focus on delivering a seamless employee experience, both inside and outside the workplace.”

Enhance your employee experience with India’s most-innovative employee benefit solution.

From an employer’s perspective, some of the outstanding benefits of Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass are; the cost-effectiveness that makes the entire process paperless and saves time and efforts.  It’s easy- to- administer single digital platform allows the user ease of access manage all Employee Benefits. Additionally, Sarkar shares, “It is 100% tax-compliant, where the card can be swiped across Sodexo’s proprietary network for all meal benefits and also brings in the freedom of choice for employees to avail their non – meal benefits across RuPay’s wide network.”

On the other hand, from the employee perspective, by eliminating the tedious task of submitting paper bills, it improves workplace productivity. Moreover, employees don’t need to carry the card in the pocket – the mobile app helps them track transactions, discover deals, find nearest meal outlets and much more. That’s not all.  Through this, employees can benefit from an annual tax-savings for up to Rs. 75,000/-

Nalin Bansal, Head of RuPay, NCMC and NFS at NPCI says, “RuPay issuers can issue all variants of the cards like Virtual, Contact and NCMC. As part of our strategy we have increased our focus on the non-bank Prepaid issuers and have developed a fast-track, seamless and cost effective on boarding process. With this partnership we have opened doors in digitizing traditional gifting through a superior digital solution of “Multi-Benefit Card”.

While Sodexo consumers can now experience the convenience of making seamless payments through RuPay network across the country, along with availing offers and benefits of owning a RuPay card, this solution certainly offers equivalent benefits to both employees and employers, when it comes to employee benefits.

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