Barclays tries to help out the ‘unemployed’


The programme is aimed at people above 24 who have been out of job for more than a year.

Those who have been without a job for the last 12 months and need to hone their skills, Barclays Bank can help them out.

The bank has initiated a three-week pre-employment course in the UK, which will refresh the skills of those unemployed, build their confidence and prepare them for interviews.

These three weeks of training also includes one week of work experience. Those enrolling for the course have the chance to gain an apprenticeship at the Barclays or an employment elsewhere.

The programme which is aimed at people above 24 helps them learn about the culture and values of Barclays, acquire digital skills and refresh their interview skills. They also learn about a range of financial products and services through on-the-job training, online resources and classroom-based learning. They work with external trainers and the Barclays staff to help them understand the world of banking and build their confidence thus making them ready for the work experience and the interview.

Successful candidates then join either Barclays’ Skybranch telephone operation as personal bankers or Barclays’ branch network as community advisers where they undertake an apprenticeship in delivering financial services.

The objective behind providing specific training on digital skills is to prepare the trainees so that they can help the older customers of the bank with the transition to the new digital world. They will not only service customers who come to the branch but will also go out and help citizens get online and become digitally active.

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