Hike prioritises employee safety, goes ‘Remote-First’ for 2020

The messaging platform has made ‘remote working’ the default mode of work for its 160-strong workforce.


Mobile messaging platform, Hike, has adopted a ‘remote-first’ approach for the remainder of 2020, making remote working the default working approach for its workforce.

Employees wanting to return to work will be given the option to do so, provided they abide by the strict guidelines and maintain social distancing.

In order to ensure a hassle-free work environment, the Company has also announced multiple arrangements wherein it will deliver an ergonomic office chair and a brand new compact office table to each of its employees residing in Delhi/NCR.

For employees who are currently not in Delhi/NCR, reimbursement of up to Rs. 10,000 will be given for the furniture required to set up their workstations at home.

Additionally, the Company has also extended support to its staff for any internet and IT accessories they require, including monitors, USB converters, laptop riser and so on, worth up to Rs 40,000 per employee.

Further, Hike has introduced some unique ‘remote-first’ initiatives, such as no-meeting hours, remote all-hands, and virtual recognition programmes.

Employees who are looking to work from office have to abide by certain mandatory guidelines, such as temperature checks. No one with temperature above 99 will be allowed inside the office building. Masks will have to be worn all day. Staggered lunch hours and washroom capacity of not more than three people are some of the other rules imposed.

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