Instant recognition mechanism at Maveric Systems


A bell at the High Five Corner is rung by the manager, each time he encounters some exceptional work by an employee.

With rapid digitisation, the world is progressing towards getting everything in an instant. For instance, booking movie tickets, making travel arrangements, buying groceries or finding any specialised services is a matter of a click now, as one can access all of these services online on their phones or laptops anytime, anywhere. Even when you post something on the social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, you get instant likes for it.

When all of this can be accomplished in an instant then why should commendable performance at work have to wait for the annual performance review to be appreciated? In line with this thought, a lot of organisations are now devising innovative ways to instantly appreciate good performance.

Maveric systems, a leading service provider for clients in the BFSI sector, has a human resources mission that supports employees’ personal ambitions and aims to maximise the number of channels of acknowledgment and recognition of good work in every form. With that as a core of their business, the company has introduced ‘The High Five Corner’.

The High Five Corner is a space on every floor of the offices of Maveric Systems, with a bell, which the manager can ring, every time he comes across some exceptional work. Whenever an employee comes up with an out-of-the-box solution or goes an extra mile or just does something extraordinary in the interest of his team, the manager rings the bell inviting all the floor members to gather at the Corner. The employee is then given a card and a small memento as a recognition of his efforts.

The initiative ensures smooth, convenient and instant recognition with no call for nominations, no need for filling of forms and no assessment process. This recognition mechanism is instantaneous and frequently sees two to three employees being rewarded this way across the six floors in their Chennai office.

Maveric Systems, which has over 1,000 employees across the globe, shares that the High Five Corner is spreading positive vibes through its workforce.

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