Amazon employees demand safety, security and better pay

The staff is protesting globally during the crucial days of the Prime Day sale.

Coal employees protest against pension woes

Employees at Amazon are protesting across the globe, against the unsatisfactory working conditions at the organisation. The staff is demanding more safety and security as well as better wages.

While consumers all over the world are going crazy trying to make the most of the attractive offers from the e-commerce giant during the two-day Prime Day Sale, the Company’s own employees have been protesting on these busiest and most crucial days. According to the labour unions, the staff at Amazon—including the workers at the warehouses and the pilots of Amazon Air— has not been happy with the company policies and working conditions offered to them. They are seeking secure employment as well as improved pay packages.

The workers reportedly wished to convey to Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon, that they wish to be treated as people not robots.

Workers in Minnesota boycotted their shifts for six hours on 15 July, the first day of the two-day Amazon Prime sale. They demanded full-time jobs for the temporary workers, and wanted productivity quotas to be relaxed. These protesting employees were reportedly joined by Amazon Air Pilots who are all set to begin a digital campaign against the unsatisfactory remuneration paid to them.

Amazon employees from seven locations in Germany also went on strike for two days, protesting against inequalities in pay.

The employees are upset that they have to face the repercussions of the heavy discounts that are offered to customers during the Amazon Prime Day sale. The workers are expected to work under tremendous pressure to fulfil the commitment of delivering the orders within a day, but are not paid enough for their efforts.

The two-day Sale ends today.

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