Facebook employees disapprove of its ad policy

The employees of the social network site have written to the CEO expressing their displeasure at allowing politicians to lie in their ads.


Over 250 Facebook employees have sent a written petition to their CEO expressing their disapproval with regard to the social network’s ad policy. The workers are protesting the fact that Facebook allows politicians to lie in their advertisements. Through the petition, the workers hope to push the management into changing the policy, which they feel contradicts the FB philosophy and all the values that it upholds.

However, the Company maintains that as per its policy, it will not be censoring political speech.

The letter was addressed to the CEO and all the senior officials and condemned the fact that the network allowed politicians to post whatever claims they wished to post through their advertisements. The workers urged the management to discontinue this policy since such posts with false claims can go viral and spread wrong information. Facebook has been criticised for some time now, by political candidates as well as lawmakers and civil rights groups for its political ads policy.

The contents of the letter are available for viewing on Facebook Workplace, which is a software programme used by the Company for internal communication. It is reported that the letter has the signatures of over 250 employees.

However, the Company maintains that while it appreciates the openness of its employees in expressing their views, it continues to stand by its commitment to not censor political speech.

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