Italy bracing for disruption with rail, air transport staff on strike

The nationwide train strike is starting today, while an air transport strike is scheduled for 15 July


Failing to achieve any positive result from negotiations with the Transport Ministry, the trade unions representing Italy’s transport workers have called for a strike today, 13 July, 2023.

According to the trade unions the workers are unhappy with their mounting workload and low wages. They feel that their wages are not keeping pace with the rising cost of living. Since discussions with the Ministry have not borne fruit, the workers have gone ahead with the strike.

Employees of Trenitalia, the national rail company, as well as Italo, a private operator, along with Trenord, the northern rail service are participating in the strike which begins in the wee hours of the morning on 13 July, and will last till 2 a.m. on 14 July.

With overwhelming participation from all trade unions representing transport workers in the country, the strike is bound to cause heavy disruption. While minimum level of service will be available, as is the norm during strikes in Italy, the reduced number of trains will lead to overcrowding and inconvenience.

To add to the woes of travellers, there is to be a strike by airport ground staff on 15 July. It is expected that handling of baggage and check-in services may be disrupted for about eight hours. The airport workers have been protesting because their contracts have not been renewed in the last six years.

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