Strike by Punjab’s 108 Ambulance Employees’ Association enters 6th day

The protestors have been assured of a meeting with Punjab CM today


Punjab’s 108 Ambulance Employees’ Association has been on strike for over six days now. With hundreds of ambulances parked at the toll plaza, emergency services in Punjab have been affected.

The Associaton had begun the strike on 9 January, 2023 after having allowed 72 hours to the Punjab government to fulfil their demands and address their grievances.

Ziqitza Healthcare, the operator of the ambulance service, is gearing to hire new drivers in an endeavour to not let the strike affect services. The Company is also considering approaching the administration to try and recover the ambulances from the possession of the striking union members.

Meanwhile, the union members are expecting an opportunity to meet the Chief Minister today, as was assured them. If things go well, post discussions the deadlock will bebroken.

The Association maintains that Ziqitza Healthcare does not have enough trained employees to run the service. The wages they offer are not up to the mark either. Earlier attempts to discuss the issue have not borne any fruit says the disgruntled employees.

They do not want to discuss their issues with the Company anymore but hope the Government will intervene and help resolve their problems. A special committee has been put together by the health minister, which comprises the finance minister, panchayat minister, as wella s the housing and urban development minister.

Meanwhile, many patients in the state have been suffering or paying beyond their means for private ambulances amidst the 108 ambulance strike.

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