UberEats’ delivery partners go on indefinite strike; LPG cylinder deliverymen also present demands

Delivery personnel of two different companies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have raised their voices against alleged injustice.


UberEats is facing backlash from its delivery partners in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, for reducing wages and for blocking their accounts without any prior information. As a result, about 2,000 delivery partners of the food aggregator have gone on an indefinite strike

The protestors allege that UberEats has not only blocked their accounts but cut their wages by 50 per cent. They also allege that the terms and conditions pertaining to insurance coverage have been modified without consulting the staff.

The protestors are arguing that a minimum of three warnings should be given before blocking accounts, and that they should be informed before fixing incentives or higher rates for peak hours.

The delivery executives are considering forming a union to ensure that their concerns are heard.

Meanwhile, in Trichy, the Tamil Nadu LPG Cylinder Deliverymen Employees Union (TNLCDEU) has asked dealers and oil companies to fix a basic salary for the deliverymen. This demand was put forth following the oil and gas marketing companies asking customers to stop giving tips to the deliverymen. The delivery personnel have stated that their income is heavily dependent on the tips they receive from their customers. They are protesting the fact that the invoice given to the customers mentions a delivery charge of Rs 20, of which they receive no share. The deliverymen earn between Rs 5000 and Rs 7000 a month, and enjoy no other benefits such as provident fund. They argue that the dealers do not share any commission that they receive from the oil companies.

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