Bosch to hire 2,400 engineers in India


By 2020, the company  wants to increase the share of women leaders to 20 per cent worldwide.

Technology solutions company, Bosch, plans to hire 12,000 new associates around the world. This includes 3,200 new hires in India, 2,600 recruits in China and around 1,200 in Germany.

The company, in an official communiqué, said that almost 75 per cent of the new recruits would be engineers and also that it is not looking at just electrical and mechanical engineers as has been the tradition. Instead, the auto ancillary company is now looking at IT engineers for software design and development.

The company is also open to hiring people who have just started or are on the verge of starting their professional career. Almost 33 per cent of the new recruits will be freshers.

“We are increasing the number of associates hired for software design and development. As connectivity expands in every business sector, from mobility solutions to industrial technology, the importance of software does too,” says Christoph Kübel, member of the board of management and director of industrial relations, at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Bosch is already busy connecting entire cities and bringing cars online, creating access to heating control systems via an app, and automatically integrating its suppliers into the supply chain. It has also connected electric stoves and other household appliances to the Internet. The company needs a new set of talent for product development and manufacturing.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions in India, also employs a large number of software specialists. These specialists have adapted the software algorithms of a video camera used in quality control in such a way that the camera can perform examinations of the human retina. This solution makes it possible to detect eye diseases more quickly and cost-effectively than before.

Bosch facilitates the shift between corporate and start-up structures, as well as the move between specialist, project, or leadership career paths.
In addition to a wide range of career opportunities and working environments, Bosch attaches great importance to ensuring room for creativity. As a result, many associates have the option to spend some of their working time on other software projects within the Bosch Group as part of an open-source approach.

Associates are able to suggest their own ideas, such as for new products on the Internet, on Bosch’s internal social business platform known as Bosch Connect. One project that grew out of this, aims to make the search for parking spots in big cities easier.

By 2020, Bosch wants to increase the share of women in leadership positions to 20 per cent worldwide. In some countries, such as China, the share of women leaders is more than 12 per cent. To provide women with assistance and support in their career paths, Bosch offers special mentoring programmes, networks, seminars and training courses. In total, Bosch invests approx. 190 million euros each year to further train and develop associates.

Bosch also offers approx. 100 working time models — from working from home to part-time employment, and even job sharing. In addition to family and child care options, the recognition of family time as a career stepping stone also promotes a family-friendly working culture at Bosch.

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