Elon Musk is looking for talent for Tesla and SpaceX

Musk has been clear about that fact that he is looking for ability and skills and does not care for fancy degrees and qualifications


Elon Musk, co-founder, CEO and product architect, Tesla, has revealed on Twitter that he is keen to recruit people for his artificial intelligence (AI) team, which will work on its self-driving car technology. He has also shared that it is not the fancy degrees or qualifications that will attract him, but only a thorough and ‘deep understanding of AI’ that will matter. The people he wants on his team should be able to implement neural networks in the right way. They should possess coding skills to be eligible for the job.

Musk has been very open about the fact that impressive degrees are not indicators of the capabilities of candidates. He has always believed that the best brains and the most successful people are not the ones who went to college.

Musk has also reached out to candidates possessing work ethic, talent to build things, common sense as well as trustworthiness to join SpaceX, his rocket company.

SpaceX is holding a career day later this week, in Texas, where it will be hiring production staff, engineers, supervisors and support personnel. All the selected candidates will be required to work on the rocket company’s  Starship spacecraft—a completely reusable rocket system capable of carrying astronauts as well as cargo to space.

Musk is known to be a hard task master when it comes to pushing his SpaceX team.


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