More recruiters interested in recruiting from online learning companies

Better pay and maximum jobs in AI and machine learning.


Job fairs and boot camps organised by online education platforms are witnessing increasing participation from recruiters seeking experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital and machine learning.

Students who possess prior experience are said to have enjoyed up to a 100 per cent hike in their salary. The number of students getting hired has grown, and so have salary levels.

Engineering students who possess knowledge of AI, data analytics and machine learning are offered better pay packages than those who only possess the conventional skills.

Great Learning, an online learning company, recently launched a five-month intensive boot camp for freshers in digital skills. Approx. 60 per cent of the participants have already landed jobs with an average pay package of Rs 560,000 per annum, which is much more than the yearly salary offered in the IT sector, of Rs 350,000 per annum.

The skills most sought after by companies participating in the placement drives include statistics, machine learning basics, Python, SQL and Tableau. The most common positions for which candidates are sought are that of analytics consultant, analytics manager, data analyst, junior data scientist, data engineer and business analyst.

Maximum recruitments are observed to be taking place for the IT services, e-commerce, start-ups, autonomous technology and finance sectors.

Platforms, such as Udacity have conducted several job fairs in cities, such as Delhi and Bengaluru where hiring partners are invited to participate.

Such online education platforms help organisations fulfill their talent demand in various fields of new-age digital skills, which are required to advance the competitive edge of the organisations.

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