32% workers in India feel highly resilient to workplace: Study

With globally only 15% workers being resilient, the Indian workforce is clearly amongst the most resilient and engaged in the world, says the ADP study


Indian workers are amongst the most resilient in the world! Yes, 32 per cent of workers in India feel highly resilient to their work environment. Globally, the average is just 15 per cent, which puts India on the top when it comes to workplace resilience. That is not all, the Global Workplace Study 2020 by the ADP Research Institute reveals that Indian employees recorded the world’s second highest levels of employee engagement. One in five (20 per cent) feel they are fully engaged, whereas the global average is only 14 per cent.

The study was commissioned by global HR and payroll company, ADP and surveyed more than 26,000 workers in 25 countries, including China, to examine the impact of COVID-19 on employee engagement and workplace resilience.

While there seemed to be no noticeable correlation between the extent to which a country was significantly impacted by the pandemic and the average workplace resilience of employees, it was established that people who had a close personal experience with the virus — by falling ill themselves or witnessed a near and dear contracting the virus — were 3.8 times likely to be “highly resilient”. As Rahul Goyal, MD, ADP India, rightly points out, the data from the study, “reinforces the well-known notion that people can often emerge stronger after a setback or crisis.”

While it is true that 20 per cent of Indian workers admitted to being fully engaged at work last year, the vast majority reported wide levels of disengagement. This appears to be worldwide trend. Globally, only 14 per cent of those surveyed admitted to being fully engaged at work in 2020.

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