46% employers feel 100% remote work has given them better candidates

46% employers also feel that while the full-time remote work option has given them more candidates, the applicants are not qualified


With remote work becoming more common, many people have found that they can now be employed without having to step out of their homes. While 46 per cent of employers surveyed feel that the 100 per cent remote work option has helped them draw more skilled workers and better candidates, an equal percentage feel that this has only increased the number of applications, but not the number of qualified candidates.

About 38 per cent feel that more candidates have started applying, while 14 per cent feel that there has been no change in the applications or quality of talent. A small percentage (six per cent) of employers admitted that they do not subscribe to full-time or 100 per cent remote work at all, revealed the ‘CLOSING THE SKILLS GAP’ report by Wiley.

Offering full-time remote work has drawn more applications in the retail sector among other sectors. Employers in the healthcare space feel that a significant number of unqualified applicants tend to dilute the pool of applicants.

Employers do fear that full remote work option will lead to the pool of remote workers being diluted with unqualified talent. In other words, they expect to see a rise in the number of unqualified candidates.

The Report suggests that employers should take measures to reassess the roles or positions that can be allowed to work remotely full time. This assessment will also reveal the details of the tasks that need on-site workers. During this assessment, employers will do well to take feedback from their workforce to know their opinions as well.

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