49% firms are using ChatGPT, 25% saved $75K by doing so!

30% of the 1,000 companies / business leaders surveyed in the US are planning to use ChatGPT instead of humans


Are organisations replacing staff with ChatGPT? The AI chatbot has managed to save significant amounts of money for many companies in the US that have implemented it. In fact, a survey by Resumebuilder.com has revealed that 48 per cent of the 1,000 organisations interviewed in the US were able to save more than $50,000 by using the chatbot instead of human employees! A significant 25 per cent even managed to save $75,000! On the whole, about 99 per cent of companies admit to having saved money by using ChatGPT.

If companies have managed to save thousands of dollars in costs by implementing ChatGPT, it will not be surprising if human employees are soon replaced by the AI chatbot, globally.

About 11 per cent of the firms using ChatGPT have managed to save a whopping $100,000. So it is little wonder that 30 per cent of the firms surveyed plan to implement it soon.

With ChatGPT being able to achieve a wide range of tasks, about 66 per cent of the companies are using it to write code, about 58 per cent are relying on it to create content and for copywriting, while 57 per cent are using it for customer support. A good 52 per cent are getting meeting summaries done by the AI chatbot.

About 77 per cent admit that ChatGPT helps them write job descriptions, while about 66 per cent employers are able to draft interview requisitions, and 65 per cent use it to respond to applicants.

Most businesses are clearly quite impressed by what ChatGPT is able to achieve. A good 55 per cent admit that the quality of work produced by it is ‘excellent’, whereas about 34 per cent admit that it is ‘very good’.

On being asked whether ChatGPT will cause workers to be laid off by the end of 2023, about 33 per cent of the business leaders interviewed said, “definitely”,’ while 26 per cent said “probably”.

What’s more, companies already expect candidates to have knowledge of ChatGPT. Most business leaders (92 per cent) feel that having AI/chatbot experience is a big advantage, while 90 per cent said that having experience specific to ChatGPT would be beneficial for candidates.

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