Digital literacy & data literacy will become crucial skills by 2030

Critical thinking, emotional intelligence and creativity will be the other skills necessary by 2030, as per the India Skills Report


By 2030, some skills will become crucial in the Indian employment market. As per experts, if India misses this opportunity to become prosperous, it will fall into a decade-long period of sluggishness. Some of the vital skills that will become necessary by 2030 are as follows:

Digital literacy or the ability to study and work comfortably in a digital environment. This kind of literacy also means the ability to operate hardware, software and applications in a safe and self-assured manner.

Data literacy or the ability to successfully use data. This skill will be sought after by businesses because it is one of the most valuable business assets.

Critical thinking ability is most important amidst issues such as information overload, social media echo chambers and false news.

Emotional intelligence is yet another essential skill, as it helps recognise, comprehend and articulate one’s feelings. A deep understanding of how emotions influence actions, and the behaviours of people, and the capacity to control emotions is highly essential.

Creativity is a must in the future workplace. As mundane tasks get automated, creativity will help improve productivity and increase incomes of workers as well as small and medium enterprises and major corporations.

So which are the sectors expected to grow the most by 2030?

As per Wheebox’s 10th edition of the India Skills Report, the retail sector is expected to produce more than 25 million new employees by 2030. Is is estimated that the Indian retail market will touch about $1.5 trillion by FY2030.

More than 27.3 million people are presently employed because of India’s manufacturing industry, which accounts for about 17 per cent of India’s gross domestic product. With Chinese goods being restricted, the Indian manufacturing sector has a bright future. By 2030, the manufacturing sector is expected to contribute over $500 billion annually to the global economy. That means, there will be more jobs in this sector too.

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