Max opportunities for freshers in business development, sales, graphic designing: Report

The TeamLease EdTech Career Outlook Report indicates better days ahead with over 15% employers keen to hire freshers


The ‘Career Outlook Report Feb-Apr 21’ from TeamLease EdTech reveals that more than 15 per cent of the companies intend to hire freshers, indicating that the outlook is bright for freshers. The maximum opportunities for freshers is in the information technology (IT), telecommunications, e-commerce and startups space. The demand is highest in the domains of business development, sales, graphic designing, digital marketing, content writing and web development.

Employers expect the new hires to be well versed in spreadsheet skills, product/service marketing, data analytics, Web development and mobile app development.

The report from the learning solutions company, provides an in-depth analysis of the hiring intent of employers, job profiles in demand, skills that fit the job roles and courses that can help fresh job seekers with actionable information for the period February- April, 2021. It analyses insights gathered from 815 employers, across eighteen sectors and fourteen cities in India.

The courses that are most popular amongst freshers are on automation, software development and graphics design. While 24 per cent companies in the IT sector are keen to hire freshers, 21 per cent of telecommunication companies are willing to do so. About 19 per cent of e-commerce and technology startups indicate a strong hiring sentiment.

Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are the cities with strongest hiring intent. About 41 per cent of all employers in Bangalore, 29 per cent of all employers in Mumbai and 24 per cent in Delhi show hiring intent for freshers.

The hiring intent for freshers has gone up almost 2.5 per cent for the February-April period, whereas it was very low during the lockdown.

Shantanu Rooj, founder & CEO, TeamLease EdTech, points out, “Despite the COVID – 19 pandemic, hiring of freshers continues to be on a strong growth trajectory.” There seems to be a “growing focus on specialised skills that employers expect from fresh job entrants. In fact, out of the 90 job roles – in popular demand – that corporates are looking at hiring freshers for, more than 65 per cent are the ones that require specialised skills. HEIs can use the information in the report to tweak their curriculum to suit the needs and the demands of the industry.”

Neeti Sharma, co-founder and president, TeamLease EdTech, explains that even though prospects seem bright for freshers, “candidates need to understand that employers are extensively looking for talent with specialised skills.” She adds, “Most of the sought out jobs profiles for freshers require additional learning and freshers need to constantly invest in upskilling themselves and staying ahead of the curve. The need of the hour is not just hone domain skills but also soft and niche skills.”

The Career Outlook Report offers career-enhancing insights into job roles and skills the market requires and the types of courses that prepare job seekers to effectively respond to market demand.

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