EnKash rolls out special ‘Attitude Bonus’ for employees


EnKash, a business spend-management platform has rolled out an industry-first incentive programme called the ‘Attitude Bonus’. Through this special programme, EnKash will honour its staff members for their initiative and intrapreneurial outlook on the job, focusing more on the company’s growth.

Additionally, the programme aims to help participants develop a variety of abilities, raise their level of responsibility and accountability, even while enhancing their general performance.

EnKash believes that it’s crucial to ensure a fair assessment of employees’ efforts, and hence, the Bonus is a tracker-based system. This system will allow the team members to keep track of how many and what sort of initiatives they took while moving beyond their call of duty. The Company has also established an Attitude Bonus Reward Committee to evaluate the entries sent by the employees. Cash prizes are given to the winners on a monthly basis. Both freshers and experienced employees get the opportunity to earn the bonus.

The ‘Attitude Bonus’ is EnKash’s “attempt to reward its team members who choose to go an extra mile, to ensure that the organisation’s and its customers’ needs are met”.

Calling this an “exemplary step from the HR perspective to normalise rewarding employees beyond-KRA initiatives in the job market,” Naveen Bindal, co-founder, EnKash, said, “While skills and talent are important, the team’s attitude is the key factor that eventually defines the growth and the success of the organisation. In a start-up ecosystem, employees are bound to wear multiple hats and work beyond their KRAs, as they are essentially building the company along with the founders. Employees with proactive mindsets and a high degree of ownership are assets to any company, and hence, are bound to grow in their individual capacity as well.

The reward programme is expected to promote an environment of intrapreneurship, proactive initiative-taking, and self-growth among employees. The Beyond Call of Duty initiative takes into account instances such as employees utilising additional skills and expertise to make a significant contribution to departments other than their own, such as a member from the operations’ team giving a breakthrough idea to the design team; volunteering for tasks beyond their own KRAs to expedite the work; proactively training a fellow co-worker or a team mate, and so on.

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