“The future will be about ‘working on my terms’,” Jacob Jacob

Associates will want their share of voice in key company plans and progress, predicts Jacob Jacob, group CHRO, Malabar Group


A big change in 2022

Hybrid models of working will continue into the future. There will be more of responsible autonomy in the working life of associates. The future will be all about ‘working on my terms’. Careers will be tailor made to individuals who add value to the organisation.

Recognition of skill sets will be of more importance than educational qualifications. Associates will have more flexibility and autonomy. Career progression will be more around HR products and services offered and the ability to choose from them. The future of work in a nut shell will revolve around flexibility, autonomy and freedom and the choice and onus will be on the associate and not so much on the organisation. The pool for the best talent will only get narrower in 2022.

Voice for change among employees getting stronger

Definitely. Organisations will not be able to make decisions based on their foresight and company growth. Instead they will have to decide on the basis of what their associates demand. Associates will want their share of voice in key company plans and progress. Future themes will revolve around sharing failures, fixing things anyway and not waiting until they are broken and sharing of assets. Associates will demand better operating models with upgrades and to play a key role in bringing down inefficiencies, technology will be a key catalyst and there will be more integrated data sharing and will want their organisations to work via service lines to create an integrated experience for their customers.

“Human resources will look beyond models. The focus will be on going for the ‘good’ instead of the ‘perfect’”

HR to look beyond models and best practices; be more innovative and hands on

Human resources will look beyond models. The focus will be going for the ‘good’ instead of the ‘perfect’. The culture will be about accepting mistakes with curiosity and focusing on what makes sense for associates and build better relationships. The people function will be a critical conduit in enterprise growth and leadership will rely more on HR in taking the organisation forward.

Talent will make all the difference and a true competitive advantage can only be derived if HR plays that key role in connecting people and performance.

Great Resignation a disguise of great movement

The ‘Great Resignation’ is real and here to stay. Companies will continue to do what they can to ensure their flock stays together, but the biggest differentiator will be their terms of endearment and nothing else. People will choose to work or not work for organisations based on what they can offer, especially flexibility. The overall employee experience will need to be relooked at. Mental and physical health will continue to be a focus area. Output will matter more than systems and processes. Value add and skill sets will be the key catalyst being looked at from an organisational stand point.

Will internal mobility help in retention

2022 will see disruptive hybrid models in mobility. People can choose where to work from and when to come to office, if at all. The year will certainly see several options and we will clearly witness mature models of employment emerging, which will be a far cry from existing models that have changed due to COVID.

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