“Diversity will foster interregional, inter-linguistic, and intercultural ties,” Sushil Baveja

Sushil Baveja, CHRO, Jindal Stainless believes, "Themes of development, career, wellness, and mentoring also need to be woven into the conversations to make the employees feel appreciated and valued."


2022 was a volatile year for HR & workforce

2022 was quite volatile as both employers and employees were still trying to get a hold of and adapt to the unending changes in the larger work ethos. Organisations have been on a journey of change, transformation, and growth resulting in a re-visit of business models, working styles and work behaviours which also added to the dynamics and resultant volatility.

People worked under constant pressure to either prove their worth or save themselves from getting laid off. Shortage of work due to large-scale shutdowns added to the pressures.

2022 was also a year that introduced new vocabulary to the workplace. From ‘moonlighting’ to ‘quiet quitting’ to ‘productivity paranoia’, 2022 witnessed it all.

2023: Will it be a turmoil again or peace?

I see things evolving for the better and a much more substantive agenda emerging in 2023. While the year is likely to unfold unique experiences and insights, the focus area(s) will include change management, capability building, talent retention, leadership development, digitalisation, and employee experience & well-being.

2023 will be a rewarding year for all the stakeholders. I think we should emerge stronger, wiser, and more future-ready if we deliver on the people and business agenda down to the last mile. Being open, introspective, collaborative, trustworthy, and empathetic would create a very enabling ecosystem.

Themes of development, career, wellness, and mentoring also need to be woven into the conversations to make the employees feel appreciated and valued

Diversity to be linked to upskilling & reskilling

I feel that diversity of any kind comes with the inherent challenge of upskilling and reskilling, not just on the part of the newly-hired candidates but also on the part of the existing workforce. I am of the view that a diverse workforce will not only open up opportunities and introduce people from hinterland Bharat, but it will also foster inter-regional, interlinguistic, and intercultural ties. It would be a big driver of the ideals of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’!

ESG bringing CHRO closer to the CEO

As the people-representative of an organisation in a world where employees are the significant differentiators, a CHRO is already closely working with the CEO. The CHRO has a business enabling role and makes sure that the people’s agenda is completely in sync with the business priorities and outcomes. ESG is one of them that needs a sharper focus and a concerted alignment of all stakeholders.

Organisations have realised that for businesses to be profitable in the long run, they have to be purposeful, sustainable, and concerted efforts are a prerequisite to making sustainability the bedrock of future growth. Therefore, almost all companies today have a dedicated leader to look after sustainability.

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