6 robots wait on diners at Bengaluru restaurant

These robots can be summoned using a tablet, and are capable of interacting, serving food and also singing birthday wishes.


A Bengaluru restaurant has now got six robots that serve food to its customers. Of the six robots at this Robot Restaurant in Indiranagar, Bengaluru, five are bearers, whereas one performs the work of an usher.

These robots can be summoned by the customers using a tablet available at their tables. Not only are these robots capable of interacting with customers, but they are also able to serve food and mocktails, and even sing birthday songs and other wishes.

The Robot Restaurant, which serves Indo-Asian cuisine, has the capacity to seat 50 diners. The staff in the restaurant have been trained by the manufacturers of the robots, to handle their robo ‘colleagues’.

This is not the first time that a restaurant in Karnataka has employed artificial intelligence. There is a Robot Restaurant running successfully in Shivamogga too.

Similar experiments have been successful and welcomed by the public in Chennai and Coimbatore as well.

The robots in the Robot Restaurant at Porur, Chennai, interact with the customers in English as well as Tamil. Each of these robots cost Rs 5 lakhs. The diners can view the menu on a tablet made available to them at their tables and enter their choices. The order, which is sent to the kitchen is brought and served by the robots, who are programmed to deliver the order to the right table.

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