EY and Blue Prism will collaborate to offer RPA services

The two organisations will offer robotic process automation (RPA) as a service to Indian companies.


Ernst & Young (EY)— multinational professional services company— in collaboration with Blue Prism—a global company that manufactures robotic process automation (RPA) software— will offer RPA as a service to Indian organisations. The service will be made available via Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

The two companies will together deliver RPA services in core as well as support business functions in various domains, such as financial services, ITeS, manufacturing and healthcare.

EY and Blue Prism have been collaborating to offer organisations access to the cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive automation capabilities. Blue Prism’s automation technology combined with the Azure platform and EY’s market leadership will help companies save costs across functions— finance, HR, supply chain, IT as well as sales and marketing.

The services are being offered at a time when the dynamism of the market has made it essential for organisations to rely on open and secure cloud-based offerings along with agile delivery techniques to ensure growth and earn profits.

The RPA delivery services will outdo the traditional service delivery approaches, not only in terms of speed but also scalability.

EY has developed more than 2,000 bots till now, with about 700 being used within the organisation itself, resulting in savings of over 2.1 million man hours and high levels of accuracy. Generating bots at the rate of five a day, EY India has been actively promoting intelligent automation in modern offices.

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