Sportivity – Lessons in creativity


This is the third book from the author, Vinay R Kanchan. He urges us to draw inspiration from people who have made phenomenal achievements through lateral thinking, and have also applied these lessons to business.

Vinay R Kanchan’s Sportivity, is a self-help book that emphasises the importance of creativity in an individual’s life. Divided into ten chapters, the book generates ten unique ideas to live life in the creative lane. Moreover, it establishes an explicit connection between working creatively and making phenomenal achievements in life.

The author bases his ideas on his observations of a handful of extraordinary men and women, who have used creativity to produce phenomenal results. Most of them are legendary sports personalities, which explains the link with sports.

Interestingly, the underlying current of the book, that cannot be missed, is humour. Apparently, the hilarious author keeps the reader’s interest intact by bringing lightness to this rather intellectual subject with generous use of wit.

Sportivity = Sport + Wit + Creativity

Sportivity is a quick-read (two hours literally) and can fit into the outside pocket of your jacket. Published this year (2019) by Fortytwo Bookz Galaxy and The Fan Garage, the book has the potential to become one of the most promising reads in the subject of creativity.

The flair with which super-successful sportspeople perform to become the best in the world is creativity. And anecdotes based on such performances become a learning experience for the reader.

As an author who inspires people to tap into their creativity, Vinay R Kanchan himself unfolds his imaginative side by producing fictional plots throughout the book. His message to the reader is loud and clear—whether you are an employer or an employee, you can produce an ocean of benefits, simply by doing things differently.

The timing of the book could not have been better. Today, more than ever, there is a dire need to inculcate this thought process. After all, the fourth industrial revolution is here! Our society needs a transformation and that will be possible only when people change.

And, that is Vinay R Kanchan’s intention through this book. He is making an earnest attempt to undo the damage done by the educational institutes, which have basically made us backseat passengers great at being driven. Apparently, maintaining discipline and following instructions are overvalued in our society, while thinking out of the box is devalued. It is time to change that!

In my opinion, this book is particularly important for the youth who need to think differently. The volume will provide them the fuel required to awaken their creativity. In addition, the contents will help people going through mid-life crises to recreate themselves.

Though the bland cover of the book may fail to attract your attention at the bookshop, once you start reading it, you will find ample information to hold your interest till the last page.

In the words of S. Subramanyeswar, chief strategy officer, Lowe Lintas, “Sportivity is a fascinating read for anyone who is interested in what makes champion ideators tick. It’s one of those rare books, which gives you practical examples and tips in an engaging way, without the baloney business jargon we are otherwise used to being fed. Definitely an indispensable read for business leaders/managers as well as business students. Loved it!”

To conclude, I will say this is a refreshing book and it has valuable lessons for everyone. Whether you are about to start your career or peaking in your career, the ideas in Sportivity can change your life for the better.

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