In light of the dismal retention rate clocked by the on-boarding team, boss has decided to re-name the function as out-boarding.


  1. It is generally believed that Recruitment is easy but Retention is difficult.
    In the cartoon –the boss renaming the team from “ON-boarding” to “Out-boarding” is not a matter to laugh at or be sarcastic about.
    In fact in may organizations, once an employee joins, he/she is taken for granted.
    HR i/c of onboarding runs behind the the Operations teams to ensure that the new recruit is inducted in the department and provided with:
    1. KRAs/ Deliverables
    2. Provide a mentor / coach to provide necessary guidance to the new joiner.
    3. Provide an insight in to the operations of the department / project.
    The new employee grapples on his own, frustration sets in and leaves.
    Frustration also sets in for the recruiter since he has to again go through the entire process of recruitment.
    Finally the Boss instead of renaming the team has to introspect and ask:
    1. “Have I fixed the Responsibility and Accountability” for On-boarding.
    2. What is it that is being addressed / being covered in On-boarding a new recruit.

    Companies which have a structured and well intended “On-Boarding” program with ownership from the intending departments have always been successful and those which did not have ownership from the intending departments have miserably failed.

  2. Hi

    Yes I do agree, being in HR for last 10 years me too believe retention is the most difficult job of an HR especially if everything is decided by one or two(CEO or OM) persons in a company.
    And as you said “taken for granted” I can see that here in UAE/Gulf whic is more meaningful with that word. Since every employee need to submit his.her passport and though law is there its difficuly to fight many workers cursing their faith and sticking to the employer to complete the contarct for 2 or 3 years.

  3. Hi,
    Indeed Rentation is major challenge what we are facing in our current work environment. In GCC the number of candidates hire is equivalent to numbers of staffs leaving the organization and pressure still lies on TA team that recruitment is not happening, quality people are not hired, and etc. As HR we need to focus hiring quality people and quantity but without the support of Operations Team it’s difficult to maintain attrition. Both HR and Operations team should work together on how to retent staffs post on boarding.

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