CredAble takes gender sensitisation seriously

The Company holds gender-sensitisation workshops every 45 days and has made the topic a mandatory part of its induction and orientation process.


The ‘Me Too’ movement brought many cases of sexual harassment at workplaces into the limelight. It also made the corporate world more aware of the need to put proper policies in place to protect women employees.

With a view to creating a better environment for the women at CredAble, the young Indian fintech company is taking gender sensitisation very seriously. With its small workforce of 70 to 80 employees, the Company is endeavouring to ensure that it builds an environment and culture suitable and most comfortable for the women in its workforce.

To achieve this goal, CredAble has made gender sensitisation a mandatory part of its induction and orientation process. Whenever new recruits are inducted into the workforce, they are made to attend gender sensitisation sessions, where they are clearly explained the policies of the Company with regard to such cases.

“The HR teams helps sensitise the new recruits about sexual harassment and make sure that each and every employee is aware of how to conduct themselves at work,” says Nirav Choksi, co-founder and CEO, CredAble.

Last month, the Company also organised a gender sensitisation workshop, where it called an expert to spread awareness about sexual harassment and give training to all employees on how to handle such cases at the workplace.

The sessions were customised for the different teams and functions in all the three offices of the Company. They gave the employees an opportunity to share their experiences and try and understand the subject in depth. According to Choksi, all employees attended these enlightening sessions.

“Through detailed discussions and role plays, the employees were explained how they should handle such situations,” mentions Choksi.

“The whole aim of the activity was to make everyone interact enthusiastically over the important aspects of the complex subject of sexual harassment, and how related legalities affect the issue at the workplace,” Choksi adds.

Nirav Choksi

“As the number of women employees is growing at our workplace, we keep organising gender sensitisation workshops, every 45 days,”

A different session was organised for the leadership team. The managers and leaders of the Company were trained on how they should go about handling a case of sexual harassment brought to light by a team member.

“As the number of women employees is growing at our workplace, we keep organising such sessions, every 45 days,” shares Choksi.

“We want to build and imbibe certain values in our organisation’s culture early on. We are constantly working towards making CredAble more conducive to women by providing a respectable environment, maternity leave policies, workplace safety, and a culture where every individual feels secure enough to have an open conversation on such sensitive issues.“

Choksi also shares that the Company follows a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment. It has an external and internal committee to look into such cases.

“Presently, 40 per cent of our workforce comprises women, and their numbers will only keep growing. As of now, no sexual harassment case has come forth, but strict action will be taken against the culprits if anything ever comes to light, irrespective of hierarchy,” concludes Choksi.

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