Five ways to develop more meaningful relationships at work

It is rather easy to bring in positivity at the workplace with the right attitude and spirit.


Human beings are social animals—they crave friendships and true relationships. Having positive people around them makes them happy and helps improve their productivity. Meaningful relationships can actually make a vocation feel like a vacation!

Good relationships have many benefits. They make a person feel more free and confident at work. They dispel negative energy from the workforce and inculcate a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.


Here are five ways to develop meaningful relationships at work:


There are certain attributes that help you become a people’s person — trust, respect, open-mindedness, compassion, communication and confidence. These special ingredients add spunk to your personality and draw others to you. Ability to communicate without talking down others with sarcasm, and the patience to actually listen, contribute significantly towards the development of meaningful relationships. Trust and respect make for a rock solid foundation for a relationship within any organisation.


Time is the true test of friendship and as goes the saying, old is gold. While you make new friendships every day, you should not forget old relationships. Friendship is like wine — the older the better. You should always keep in touch with old pals and colleagues. Your peers will have more trust in you when they see that you are not a fair weather friend.

Collaboration with peers

The saying, ‘one plus one is eleven’ highlights the spirit of collaboration. Working together in collaboration with your peers, leads to positive relationships at work. It also helps you finish your work faster and reduce the steps involved. It can help you save energy and also improve productivity. In a company, good relationships boost good conversations, and good conversations can lead to great implemental ideas that can transform an organisation.

Relationship boundaries

While you spend your energy building relationships at work, pay attention to the boundaries. There is a very narrow gap between being friendly and acting familiar. In your pursuit, make sure you do not encroach into anyone’s personal space. Positive relationships at the workplace should be an asset and not end up becoming a liability when your colleague tries to monopolise your time at work.

Avoid the blame game

Throwing an employee under the bus is an act that will never be forgotten at the workplace. A conflict is a true test of your patience and how you act at that time defines your character and determines your relationships with your peers. If you find yourself in a negative situation avoid the blame game, as it is a sure way of making enemies and losing friends.


Three Cs of meaningful relationships at work

Co-work, contribute and compliment — these are the three Cs that will help you create meaningful relationships at work. Co-working is the start of a relationship and collaboration, but it can only be carried forward through actions. Contribute in terms of action, performance and help (wherever and whenever needed). Appreciate your co-workers for their positives. Compliments always work like magic. Everyone wants to be surrounded by people who are generous with praise and can play a role in their development. These three Cs form the circumference of the magical circle of meaningful relationships.

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