Amazon Studios enhances DI&E policy to ensure equitable future

Among other things, the enhanced policy will also ensure pay equity for cast, crew, staff, and even vendors and suppliers.


Amazon Studios has rolled out an enhanced diversity, inclusion and equity policy applicable across all divisions. This will strengthen the Company’s commitment to DI&E in terms of content and productions. A ‘playbook’ has been created with guidelines and protocols for all those from the creative community who are associated with Amazon.

The policy focusses on storytelling that will take into account diverse voices across all stages and parts of the production process, that is, right from developing stories and characters to hiring, production, reporting, documentation and meeting goals.

According to the guidelines that will apply to all productions of Amazon Studios, all films or series with a creative team —of three or more people serving as directors, writers, and producers— should ideally include at least 30 per cent women and 30 per cent people from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. Four years down the line, this goal will go up to 50 per cent. The Studio will cast actors whose identity (gender, gender identity, nationality, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability) aligns with the character they are selected to play.

At least one character from the LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disability and three under-represented races, ethnicities or cultural groups will be given speaking roles, and at least 50 per cent of these will be women.

A minimum of three bids will be invited from vendors or suppliers for productions, and at least one of them should be from a business owned by a woman or one owned by a minority.

There will be equity of pay across casting, behind the camera crew, and for vendors and suppliers.

This enhanced inclusion policy and playbook will help ensure a more equitable future for those on camera and behind it.

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