Ex-employee of Goldman Sachs complains of discrimination

The employee has filed a suit naming two senior executives of passing belittling remarks and excluding him from official calls because he was gay.


Former employee of Goldman Sachs has claimed that he had to face discrimination at work because he was gay.

William Littleton, who was amongst the senior executives of the Bank, has stated that he was even kept out of an official call simply because he sounded too gay. He is reported to have been asked whether his mannerisms were as they were because he was gay.

Littleton complained to the court that even though he had put in years of hard work and had been appreciated for his outstanding performance, he was suddenly fired by those who had been discriminating against him. Littleton has named two senior executives in the suit. He has claimed that even though he was promoted and given more responsibilities, not only was he belittled, but his compensation also fell with time by about 20 per cent. Although he complained to the employee relations department in May 2018, nothing positive came out of it, and he was finally terminated in January this year.

This comes as a rude shock to the Bank, which is otherwise known for upholding LGBTQ rights. In fact, the Bank had done very well in terms of the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, which is a measure of an organisation’s overall internal and external support of LGBT staff.

Littleton has also accused the Bank of pretending to be an inclusive workplace simply to uphold its image in the eyes of the public. He has alleged that the Bank is far from being LGBTQ friendly.

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