Coca Cola workers show concerns over job security after change in ownership of plant

The worked have also demanded LTS (Long Term Settlement) wage to be given.


Workers at the Varanasi and Dasna plant of Coca Cola in Uttar Pradesh are demanding job security from the Atlanta based beverage maker. They took this step after the company transferred the ownership rights to some existing local franchise partners.

The Coca Cola company has decided to transfer the ownership of the Dasna Plant to Moon Beverages while the plant at Mehdiganj in Varanasi is transferred to Ladhani Group entity, SLMG Beverages.

The employee union of Varanasi plant wrote a letter to various department of the local government stating that they are concerned about their job security, since it is likely that the new management under the Ladhani Group will retain the existing employees of HCCB (Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages).

The workers have also demanded LTS (Long Term Settlement) wage to be given.

According to some media reports, similar demonstrations have been witnessed at the Dasna Plant of HCCB which is non-operations since 4th December.

The workers and leaders of employee union say that they were not informed in advance about the change in the ownership of the plant.

There are reports that some of the workers are also seeking jobs in the internal bottling system of HCCB.

On the other hand, HCCB assures the workers that they should not worry about their jobs security and their compensation and benefits will stay intact even after the change in the ownership of the plant.

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