Angry birds developer ROVIO announces a new employee benefits programme

The popular game developer announces plans to launch a new employee share savings plan for 2023 - 2025


The Board of Directors of Rovio Entertainment Corporation has decided to launch a new employee share savings plan (ESS plan) for the period 2023–2025. The details of this plan are similar to the previous plan period and are offered to approximately 570 employees in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Canada. Participation in the ESS plan is voluntary and employees may save a minimum of 2 per cent and maximum of 8 per cent of their salaries. The savings will be used to purchase Rovio shares, with the dividends being reinvested in additional shares. As a reward, Rovio will grant the participating employees one free matching share for every two savings shares acquired, subject to continued employment and holding the shares until the end of the holding period on August 31, 2025.

The Performance Share Plan 2022–2026, established for key employees of Rovio, also has performance criteria based on the Group’s EBITDA and Net Revenue for the financial year 2025. The rewards, worth an approximate maximum of 15,000,000 euros, will be paid partly in shares and partly in cash in spring 2026. The cash portion is intended to cover taxes and tax-related costs.

Rovio’s Restricted Share Unit (RSU) Plan, established in 2017, continues with a total of 1,530,000 RSUs allocated to key employees. The maximum value of RSUs to be allocated in the next 12 months is 714,000 euros. The rewards will be allocated in shares and cash.

Rovio Entertainment Corporation is a global mobile-first games company known for its popular Angry Birds brand. The company has eight game studios and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki stock exchange.

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