Bisleri offers COVID Insurance cover of Rs 3 lakh, ozone therapy to staff

Even the contractual staff of the Company will benefit from these initiatives


Bisleri, the Indian mineral water brand, has been providing ozone therapy treatments to its employees to boost their immunity. It has also announced that it will cover COVID-related treatment expenses of up to Rs.3 lakhs for each employee through its insurance policy.

Insurance cover

The Company has announced a COVID Insurance policy as well as a COVID death Insurance policy. All employees on the rolls of the Company as well as those on contract, and their spouses and children will have their medical expenses up to Rs. 3 lakhs covered under the former. Under the latter, family members of staff on the payroll as well as those on contract, who lose their lives to COVID, will receive three years’ salary or Rs 35 lakhs, whichever is less.

Ozone therapy

To boost the immunity of the employees, they were given Ozone Therapy, with 320 employees receiving Ozone shots. The objective was to improve immunity and enhance the disease-fighting capacity of the body. The therapy has shown excellent results and 98 per cent efficacy in terms of rejuvenating, regenerating and detoxifying the body. It serves as a great normaliser, immunity enhancer and physical and mental energiser. The 320 employees who were given the ozone shots were monitored for six months and only two per cent contracted COVID-19, and that too at a very mild and asymptomatic level.

Leave policy

Bisleri offers a ‘No questions asked’ leave policy, in the event of an employee or their family members testing COVID positive. This is the Company’s way to provide mental and moral support to the employees. This leave can be availed even if the building is sealed due to Covid cases.

Safety and overall well-being

Life Mentors are available for the employees to seek help from. To ensure the safety of the employees, the organisation is encouraging work from home and rotation based shifts to limit physical contact with one another. This helps productivity and ensures well-being at the same time. Additionally, the Company has been conducting seminars on wellness and mental health. To deal with urgent medical queries, a 24×7 consultation has been set up with the Company’s in-house doctor. Employees can also access information on various COVID-related protocols through the internal portal created by Bisleri.

Delivery personnel at Bisleri have also been equipped with gloves, shields, masks, and PPE kits. Ozone tunnels have been installed at their facilities and offices to disinfect the staff and visitors.

With mineral water coming under the category of essential services, the staff of the Company were working throughout the lockdown. In 2020 itself, during the first wave, Bisleri had tied up with a few properties in the vicinity of the workplace to accommodate staff. These accommodations are regularly cleaned and sanitised.

Parag Bengali, director – enablement, Bisleri International, points out that “employees always come first” for the Company and that these “initiatives were put in place to help our people get through this difficult situation together and show that Bisleri cares for them. We wanted to send out the message that we are in this together and that their company stands with them, especially in these tough times.”

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