Google enticing staff back to office with discounted hotel stay

Google is offering its employees on-campus hotel accommodation at subsidised rates along with good food so that they return to office


Google is making a ‘summer special’ offer to its employees in the hope that they will return to office. The tech company is offering them hotel accommodations on campus at a subsidised rate of $99, and is enticing them with good food as well as an opportunity to forget the commuting woes of hybrid work.

Yet, employees are resisting the offer, which appears too expensive to them.

Google is known to come up with such special offers for its employees on campus so that they make optimal use of the facilities available. However, the employees, who have tasted the perks of working remotely during the pandemic are not taking the bait this time.

This summer special offer, which is available till end of September, is being sold as an attempt to help employees transition smoothly to hybrid working.

Google hopes that its luxurious hotel within the San Francisco campus, where the company is headquartered, will draw employees who relocated during the pandemic, back to work. The hotel, it is hoped, will be seen as a temporary solution to such employees’ accommodation woes till they find a permanent residence for themselves close to office. Google is trying to convince its employees that if they move to the campus they will be able to get extra sleep as they will be saving on travel time.

However, Googlers are not falling for this enticement, as most feel the tariff for the hotel accommodation is still high, even after discount. San Francisco Bay area is anyway notorious for high rents and real-estate prices.

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