Meesho staff can take 100% paid leave for 1 year if critically ill

This initiative is part of the e-commerce company’s MeeCARE programme aimed at ensuring holistic wellbeing for Meeshoites and their families.


Meesho, the Indian internet commerce company, has rolled out a new unlimited leave policy, allowing employees to avail up to 365 days of paid leaves, in case they are battling some critical illness. The policy is applicable even if an employee’s loved one is critically ill and requires constant attention and frequent hospitalisation.

This initiative is part of Meesho’s comprehensive MeeCARE programme that has been conceived and designed with an aim to boost holistic wellbeing for Meeshoites and their families.

Employees will receive full salary for leave period if they themselves are ill, and up to 25 per cent of salary for three months, in case a loved one or family member is critically ill.

The Company also assures these employees of all the required support and resources during tough times. In addition to compensation, they will continue to receive other important benefits such as provident fund contribution, insurance, and additional medical benefits.

Ashish Kumar Singh, chief human resources officer, Meesho said, “Driven by the core tenet of people-first, Meesho understands how every employee requirement is unique and diverse in nature”.

The introduction of infinite leaves, is part of the Company’s effort to create a conducive environment for employees. “All our policies are designed with the aim of making our employees feel valued, empowered, and cared for,” said Singh.

Employees will also be eligible for appraisal cycles based on their contributions over the timeframe when they were actively working. They will be allowed to return to work in the same role as earlier, to ensure smooth transition back to work without affecting their career path. In case that position is not available, the employee will be further placed in a parallel role of his / her choice within another team.

Meesho already has in place policies such as boundary-less workplace model, 30-week gender neutral parental leave, gender reassignment leave and 10-day reset and recharge policy.

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