Swiggy revamps its onboarding centre for better employee experience

The walls have been decorated with colours, visuals and multilingual text to ensure a better employee experience.


Swiggy has revamped its onboarding and sourcing office in Marathahalli, Bangalore. The Company’s main objective behind the initiative was to enhance employee experience and the on boarding experience. The previously outdated designs and dull corridors with plastic chairs have been replaced with energetic visuals, colours and comfortable and attractive furniture.

The Company took into consideration certain factors before designing the place. For one, it kept the design intuitive. During the recruitment and onboarding process, candidates often have many doubts in their mind related to the job and the brand. Therefore, there are illustrations and visuals on the walls that reveal details about the job and the Company.

Second, it focussed on making the space visually attractive. Nice illustrations combined with text have been used to enhance the visual appeal.

Third, it turned multilingual. Apart from English, the Company has also used local languages of the area for the text on the walls.

Fourth, it also shared the success stories of other delivery partners. Reading the tales of success of other employees, can inspire prospective candidates.

And lastly, care was taken to celebrate the Swiggy brand, so that it inspires the onboarding candidates to feel proud of associating with and remaining loyal to Swiggy.

The main motive was to ensure better employee and candidate experience to the delivery partners and get them to know the brand, and inspire them to join the Company.

The Marathahalli onboarding centre sees the highest turnout at the time of recruitment. The Company now plans to take this pilot project to other onboarding centres of Swiggy in India.

Food delivery apps, such as Zomato are really trying to market the fact that they care about their delivery partners and are making similar efforts to do the same.

Swiggy is trying to empower its delivery partners through other initiatives too. The Company recently ran a campaign, which encouraged customers to call their delivery partners by their names and not ‘Swiggy’.

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