Offering career guidance to employees’ kids, new way of engaging with staff

Organisations such as PepsiCo, Alkem, Indian Oil, Escorts Kubota, Wockhardt, Allana Group, Tally and several others have organised career-guidance programmes for the benefit of their employees’ children as part of their engagement strategy


To bring some respite to their employees from the anxiety caused by juggling their professional and personal lives, several companies have offered career-guidance programmes for their employees’ children. These programmes help the children of the employees choose their careers in a scientific manner. They are also a great way for companies to include parenting wellness in their engagement strategy.

Organisations such as PepsiCo, Alkem, Indian Oil, Escorts Kubota, Wockhardt, Allana Group and Tally are amongst some corporates that have realised that career guidance for children of their staff members is a great engagement opportunity.

Many companies are realising that parenting wellness can be taken a step further, by supporting employees’ children to choose their careers intelligently. In doing so, they are able to show their employees how much they care about them and their loved ones.

By collaborating with various career-mentorship platforms, many organisations have found a way to ensure that their employees as well as their children have access to counsellors, psychologists, educators and parenting experts.

These career-mentoriship programmes benefit children across age groups, especially teenagers and their parents.

“Investing in children’s development is the single largest contribution we can make to our society and our nation,” says Zenith Nayar, head of HR, transformation, L&T Technology Services.

The range of academic and career-related services offered by career-development platforms, such as Mentoria enable both students and working professionals to discover themselves and their ideal career paths,

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