Facebook’s content moderators are highly stressed

These people work through a third party and are not on Facebook’s rolls directly, and hence, get paid less too.


Facebook, the social-media platform has always been counted amongst the hip places to work in. However, a recent report in The Verge suggests that Facebook’s content moderators who happen to be indirectly employed through a vendor, Cognizant, form a highly stressed lot. Not only does the work of content moderation cause them to get anxious and depressed, they don’t get paid half as well as those employed directly by Facebook either.

The work of content reviewers requires them to go through all sorts of posts, which often exposes them to very disturbing and violent content and visuals. Making decisions pertaining to the moderation of such content day in and day out takes an emotional toll on these reviewers.

It is reported that while content moderators are paid about $28,000 per annum, the Facebook employees on an average are paid about $240,000 a year.

Apparently, the content moderators at its Arizona centre, tackle their emotions and suicidal tendencies by smoking weed during breaks, and the Verge reports that it is common to crack dark jokes too. They are always worried about being fired for the slightest of mistakes and are afraid to be targeted by ex-employees who may return to avenge their termination. An employee was even seen with a gun at work, which he apparently carried to keep himself safe.

Facebook, however, has not denied any of these stories but has responded by reiterating its commitment to its content reviewers. The Company has said that it will discuss these issues with its partners and will take necessary steps to try and have them resolved.

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