Swiggy announces childcare and parenthood benefits

The policies and benefits will cover adoption, fertility care and surrogacy for all full-time employees


Swiggy, the food-delivery platform, has introduced childcare and parenthood policies and benefits for its workforce. Considering the changing needs of modern parents and parenthood, the Company has decided that its benefits should be designed to help parents pursue their careers without having to compromise on the domestic front.

The benefits will offer support to not just biological parents but also adoptive parents, single parents or LGBTQ+ parent. Therefore, the gender-neutral policies will be offering support for fertility treatments and surrogacy as well, to all full-time employees.
As per the policy, irrespective of gender or sexuality, the main caregiver—be it adoptive mothers or single parents—will be allowed to take 26 weeks off work, whereas the secondary caregiver can avail 15 days of leave.

Swiggy has already been providing ergonomic seating, reserving parking space, and offering support for domestic travel, the caregivers for some time now. It offers travel reimbursements, wellness session reimbursements as well as bonding leave for up to 15 days too.

Five days of leave in a calendar year is offered to employees for adoption, fertility care and surrogacy. This leave can be used to attend counselling sessions or fulfil various legal/medical procedures too. Swiggy also provides six weeks of leave in case of medical emergencies, such as miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy. In such cases, the partners are also allowed to avail of a week’s paid leave to attend to their spouses.

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