21st century challenges for corporate India

P K Sarangi & MB Athreya

This was the subject of engaging discussion at the silver jubilee celebration of Aryan HR Consulting on January 24, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 

The corporate world today is different from how it was a few decades ago. The winds of change have swept over the age-old practices and ways of working. The wave of rapid advancements in technology has brought in new avenues, along with a new set of challenges. Little wonder then that this formed the basis of an engaging discussion at the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Aryan HR Consulting on January 24, held at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Gracing the occasion, Dr M B Athreya (Padma Shri), one of the founders and pioneers of India’s management movement and education delivered a thought-provoking talk, emphasising various upcoming needs to address ‘21st Century Challenges for Corporate India’. The session was attended by around 50 Indian entrepreneurs, CEOs and CHROs, who are Aryan’s esteemed clients and associates from across India.

Pitamber Pant, executive director, Aryan HR, after welcoming the guests on behalf of all Board Members, shared the 25-year journey of the Company in his opening remarks. He introduced the Board Members and the Chairman Emeritus, P K Sarangi, the first recipient of the National HRD award, as a mentor and guide to Aryan HR in its entire journey. Pant also gave some glimpses of the interesting work done in OD and the management search space by Aryan HR, including overseas assignments through partners of INAC–Global Executive Search, a Hague HQ network of search consultants. Aryan HR is the India partner of the network.

Sarangi introduced Dr Athreya as a prominent entity in India’s management and industrial growth. After sharing the fact that Dr. Athreya is the first person from India to do a PhD in management from Harvard, he invited Dr. Athreya to share his presentation on ‘21st Century Challenges for Corporate India’.

Congratulating Aryan HR on achieving the silver jubilee milestone, Dr Athreya took the participants through a six-frame presentation covering:
• The world in the 21st Century
• India in the 21st Century
• Earlier management challenges
• Recent opportunities
• Challenges for corporate India
• Action plan

Following some interesting and thought-provoking points, he concluded with an action plan covering a long-term vision for the country and a 10-year strategic plan for growth, jobs, sustainability and governance. He also spoke of realigning organisations in tune with the country’s strategic plan and developing a world-class leadership pipeline for India.

The presentation generated a lot of interest and questions from the participants. However, due to paucity of time, only limited questions could be answered. Ashok Singh, current Chairman of Aryan HR Consulting, delivered the vote of thanks and invited the participants for cocktail and dinner.

To receive more details on the talks and Aryan HR’s intervention with corporate India, please write to us at pitamber@aryanhr.com

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