FGII celebrates Pride month with glittering event & parade

The event included a fireside chat, compelling theatre performance on workplace inclusion, and vibrant pop-up stalls by LGBTQIA+ artists


Future Generali India Insurance Company (FGII) reaffirmed its steadfast support for the LGBTQIA+ community by commemorating PRIDE month with a spectacular event and PRIDE parade at its offices across India.

The vibrant rainbow day witnessed a dazzling event that showcased the iconic PRIDE flag  and saw the enthusiastic participation of representatives from the LGBTQIA+ community. Leading the grand celebrations was Sushant Divgikar, also known as Rani KoHEnur, an LGBTQIA+ icon who not only performed at the event but also led the PRIDE parade alongside senior officials and FGII employees.

Notable dignitaries in attendance included Trintera Halder, a 26-year-old trans-woman who achieved the distinction of becoming Karnataka’s first trans-woman doctor, as well as Yogi and Kabeer, digital creators and the faces of FGII’s ‘Redefining Family’ Campaign.

Under the theme of Assuring, Ensuring, and Insuring Inclusion,  FGII’s Pride Day celebrations encompassed awareness sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by experts, LGBTQIA+ allies, and community leaders. As part of the event, the company organised a fireside chat and a captivating theatre performance focusing on workplace inclusion and allyship. Additionally, engaging pop-up stalls by artists from the LGBTQIA+ community were set up to enhance the celebratory atmosphere. An integral part of the festivities was a speech on workplace inclusion delivered by Parmesh Shahani, a renowned corporate speaker, award-winning author on LGBTQIA+ topics, inclusion advocate, and DEI consultant.

Anup Rau, MD, Future Generali India Insurance, expressed pride in the company’s unwavering support as LGBTQIA+ allies, dedicated to equality. Fostering inclusion in all areas is fundamental to their ‘Life-time partner’ approach. They embody DEI principles, encouraging acceptance and creating an environment where individuals can thrive. Their resolute dedication aims to make inclusion the standard, not the exception.

FGII stands out as one of the few organisations that have embraced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) not only as an employer but also as an insurer. In addition to the celebratory activities, the company implements focused education, sensitisation, and training programs throughout the year. Every aspect of the company’s hiring processes, including application forms, job descriptions, and career website, reflects its commitment to being an equal opportunity employer.

Moreover, as an insurer, FGII proactively invests in understanding the unique needs of individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community. Recognising the significance of inclusivity, the company has broadened the definition of ‘family’ across all its retail health products to include LGBTQIA+ community members, including live-in partners. This progressive approach underscores FGII’s dedication to serving the diverse needs of its customers and creating an inclusive environment.

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