Apple hiring people to work on generative AI

Tech giant, Apple is looking for professionals with experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence for its AI products Siri, iOS and macOS


Despite Microsoft and Google making some major headways in the AI domain, Apple has been conspicuously absent from the generative AI (GenAI) scene.

Now, Apple has started hiring top AI engineers and experts in GenAI, which signals that it is looking to make a big push into the AI space. As a result, Apple products will become increasingly competitive.

The company has decided to hire 176 people specifically dedicated to machine learning (ML) and AI, and has allocated 68 of these positions to the Siri department to enhance its voice assistant technology. Additionally, 52 positions will be focused on integrating AI into iOS, while 46 will be dedicated to macOS.

It is worth noting that several roles will require expertise spanning multiple products, which underscores Apple’s commitment to integrating AI seamlessly across its entire ecosystem and providing an excellent customer experience.

Earlier, Apple banned ChatGPT and other chatbots for its employees to avoid sensitive data leaks. The company said its approach is deliberate and thoughtful towards AI keeping customer transparency its priority.

Apple is holding a Worldwide Developers Conference on 5 June, and while the main focus is on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), there’s speculation that the company may also announce new AI developments. With AI becoming increasingly intertwined with these technologies, Apple’s strategic move to bolster its AI capabilities can have a big impact on the future of AR/VR.

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