This fintech startup tries to lure talent with hoards of benefits

Here is how it grew from 20 to 200 in just 18 months


Fi, a neobank that helps millennials manage their personal finances, is looking to double its workforce. The fintech company for digital natives has already expanded its team from 20 to 200 in just 18 months.

As part of its mixed recruitment strategy, the financial app is reaching out to talent through digital- and alumni-outreach programmes, which include job posting campaigns. The firm is also working with talent agencies and social media for a better reach.

An FI Academy is on the cards to offer internal skill-development courses.

The Company that embraces the hybrid model, encourages employees to work from home for up to two days in a week and two weeks from anywhere. This is in addition to unlimited sick leaves, including leaves for mental health, for which no prior approvals are required.

A learning allowance is offered for employees to take up a course of their choice that will help them grow in their role.

The Company has a robust referral programme, which is constantly evolving. The incentives offered include staycations at a five-star hotel within the city, gadgets such as iPhones and PlayStations, and even two-wheelers. The same incentives are offered to all employees, irrespective of the rank or level. Not surprisingly, the referral programme is the most preferred source for talent.

Expectant mothers at Fi are allowed a lot of flexibility. They may work up to 50 per cent for the first month, 75 per cent for the following two months and in some cases, even 20 per cent. They are even given a nanny allowance for six months.

Women employees are offered insurance for freezing eggs.

Instead of maternity and paternity leave, the employees are allowed to avail primary and secondary caregiver leave.

The insurance policy covers up to four times an employee’s CTC, and includes same-sex partners, fertility treatment and more.

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