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‘Ok Boomer’ not ok at the workplace

  Young millennials are dismissing the baby boomer generation through this catch phrase. How is corporate India responding to this phenomenon? Can it destroy the...

‘Impact Day’ develops people- management skills in Deloitte employees

Deloitte recently concluded its 17th annual Impact Day 2019. This programme gives an opportunity to its employees to volunteer for different projects, which can...

More qualified but less confident about job

According to a recent survey, those with high educational qualifications are more worried about jobs and employment than those who are less qualified. Though...

Millennials and startups: A match made in heaven

Celebrated evolutionary biologist, Dr Richard Dawkins often says, “The Why questions are just silly!” He was referring to how people ask, ‘Why does life...

Millennials and Gen Z are disillusioned about business, work and more:...

A recent survey by Deloitte — ‘The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019’— shows that the younger lot of workers, such as GenZ and millennials—...

How technology is changing our perspective on teamwork

Working in teams has been a part of our culture since the beginning of civilisation. However, the dynamics have changed dramatically over time. Technology can...

Loyalty of millennials and Gen Z towards business declines further: Deloitte

Among Millennials in India, 47 per cent envision leaving their jobs within two years, and only 24 per cent are looking to stay beyond five years.

‘Millennials are lazy in updating passwords’: what’s the message for HR

IBM Security: Future of Identity Study reveals that the young workforce prefers biometric multifactor authentication to passwords.

AI will allow hyper-customisation of trainings: Jonathan Vehar

Jonathan Vehar, global VP-products, Dale Carnegie & Associates was in town. Vehar has worked with organisations to develop leadership and innovation solutions necessary for growth. He is considered to be an innovation thought leader. In an exclusive interview with Lipi Agrawal of HRKatha, he, along with his colleague Pallavi Jha, chairperson & managing director - ?Dale Carnegie Training India, share the future of training and the role technology will play in making training a measurable exercise. Excerpts…

Millennials expect employers to take a stand on political and social...

The Glassdoor survey reveals that the younger workers expect their organisations to be more socially responsible.

Study finds that most millennial interns are asked to do menial...

Internship should provide interns the experience required to boost their employability.

What comes in the way of millennials’ performance?

HBR Ascend suggests four skills that can increase Gen Y’s productivity and efficiency at work.

The biggest millennial learning myth

Millennials prefer micro-learning videos, research has found that multiple generations view digital books as a vitally important learning mode.

Automation, Analytics, Millennials, C&B, On-demand hiring; What’s in for HR in...

Most companies were left playing catch-up with tech disruptions, a workforce with different needs, customised people actions and the move from talent management to people management. So, the scope for these trends, and more, to come into their own in 2017 is immense.

Decoding the largest living generation: The Millennials

Delving deeper into the world of the millennials, Subramanian S. Kalpathi’s book is a window to understand what drives this generation to think and work differently than their ancestors.

Hybrid workforce: The future of your organisation

Reverse mentoring can facilitate multi-generational co-existence.

Millennials, the ‘entitled generation’: Is the branding justified?

Millennials are frequently blamed for their lack of duty and discipline at the workplace, and often called the entitled generation. Senior HR professionals share their opinion on this.

New Year Special: Global impact on India’s people business in 2016

Enhanced security concerns across the world in response to terror; a possible slowdown in growth economies as well as subdued oil prices will all have a role to play in how business is shaped this year. This will have a deep impact on the amount of leverage the people function will have.

Here’s why Joseph Folkman believes ‘millennials’ make better managers

Folkman wrote in his blog why he thinks younger managers are better performers.

Millennials: What they want

Clear goals, flexible work environment, freedom to make decisions, opportunities for growth and use of the latest technology seem to be some of the sough-after factors for Gen Y.

Hiring millennials: What to watch out for

Work– life balance and career growth seem to be the driving forces for the millennials



SHRM Tech’15: When millennials take over

Many companies, which are adopting the millennial mindsets, are opting for open offices and a flattening structure. 

Indian and Brazilian women millennials are the most confident lot

A PwC survey reveals that an inclusive culture is a must to retain women employees.

Millennials vs Baby Boomers: The changing landscape at workplace

Millennials, who comprise around 50 per cent of the workforce, are not just pushing the companies to change their interiors; the transformation is evident in ergonomics, structure, cultures and work norms as well.

Whose duty is to create happy and engaged employees?

In our developing and changing world, one of the most popular concepts of today is undoubtedly employee engagement. Along with the numerical increase and...

Ten key skills required in an age of digital transformation

As a growing number of organisations integrate digital technologies into all aspects of their business, digital transformation has come to be regarded as the...


BSNL staff demand to be categorised as ‘frontline warriors’

The employees of Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL), Kota, have sought that the Centre categorise them under ‘frontline warriors’ as they too have been working...

Virtusa introduces 24×7 COVID-19 Care portal for staff

Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions, today introduced its 24/7 COVID-19 Care portal with personalised...

ITC extends COVID-treatment loans, medical insurance to supply chain partners

On May 14, ITC has announced it will extend loan facilities to its employees and supply-chain partners to help them treat those family members...

[24]7.ai rolls out initiatives to help staff during pandemic

7.ai, a global intent-driven customer-engagement solutions company, has rolled out a host of initiatives to keep employees and their families safe during the pandemic. Home...


Binding multi-faceted employees with Titan Values

Titan has different sets of employees for different functions and verticals, ranging from the shopfloor to the retail stores. How do you bring in...

The right people policy for startups – Madan Nagaldinne

You happen to have worked mostly with large organisations. How different is it working for a startup now? When you have worked for big...

“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...