Is Swiggy preparing to lay off employees?

The food-delivery platform is battling falling profits, and had recently closed down The Bowl Company, its cloud kitchen brand in Delhi –NCR


In addition to losses, Swiggy, the food-delivery platform has been grabbing headlines for the ongoing strike by its employees in Kochi. Now, according to an ET report, the Company may be planning to downsize.

About 250 jobs may be cut as per the ET report. That means, at least three per cent of the workforce may be asked to leave by the end of 2022 as part of a restructuring exercise. Jobs across departments, tech, including customer service, operations and supply chain will be axed.

The objective is to make the Company more agile and profitable.

Employees will be laid off basis their performance, as the performance cycle has just ended and it is time for promotions across levels.

Last month, that is, November 2022, about 5,000 Swiggy workers went on strike demanding better pay.

The protesting personnel have been seeking better pay for some time now. Their main grouse is that they are paid about Rs 900 daily. They work for almost 12 hours a day, sometimes more. Of the Rs 900 that they earn, a significant portion goes into paying for fuel. That means, they are left without about Rs 400 as actual income.

During one of the many negotiation meetings, the workers demanded Rs 25 for every three kilometres. However, Swiggy agreed to pay them only Rs 23 for every four kilometres, which the workers refused to accept.

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