McD’s to open 50 outlets in Britain, create 20,000 jobs

This is part of the reopening of the economy post lifting of pandemic-related restrictions


McDonald’s, the American US fast-food giant, has revealed plans to hire 20,000 people in Britain and Ireland to help fulfil the surge in demand post pandemic. With mobility and other restrictions being eased out, the Chain is all set to open 50 outlets in a year’s time. It already runs about 1,400 restaurants in Britain and Ireland, and has over 1,30,000 crew members.

As in the US, hiring is expected to be challenging in the UK too, primarily due to travel rules and Brexit-related immigration. There is supposedly a shortage of 1.8 lakh employees in the hospitality sector itself.

However, this round of hiring by McDonald’s is not aimed at replacing the jobs that were cut during the pandemic. The Company maintains that it is part of the reopening of the economy post lifting of lockdown.

McDonald’s offers wages higher than the country’s minimum wage, to all workers under the age of 21. Those older than 21 are paid more than the national living wage, that is, £8.91 per hour.

Last month, following shortage of candidates for jobs, McDonald’s had said it would increase the hourly wages for workers in all company-owned restaurants by 10 per cent on an average.

The fast-food chain is also planning to introduce new items on the menu, including a ‘grab & go’ breakfast option. The layout of the restaurants will also be made flexible according to the time of the day.

Meanwhile, in the US, all Mcdonald’s franchisees in California will be offering free COVID-19 vaccines to their employees, their families as well as the general public. This is being done in partnership with the California Department of Public Health.

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